Bart Cheever
bcheever (at) gmail (dot) com

An accomplished Senior Producer and Product Manager, Web and Mobile Startup entrepreneur with 13 years experience creating innovative Internet, television, commercials and videogame products as well as market research for worldwide brands including VH1, MTV, Old Navy, IBM, Yahoo!, Sony, Segasoft, Microsoft and Calvin Klein.

• Successful entrepreneur who founded mobile and online startup: closed first round funding from Disney, oversaw product development and rollout of flagship product throughout Europe.
• A proven Online and TV producer and product manager including development of pilot shows, websites, user generated content applications, TV commercials,
• A highly effective market researcher focusing on next generation technology for top brands like General Motors.
• A relationship and business developer organizing ground-breaking conferences and showcases for Cannes Film Festival and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.
• Leading edge adapter of technology creating one of the first ever video websites. Chosen by Wired Magazine as “one of 25 people reinventing entertainment”.


Executive Director, Conferences
Mayor’s Digital Media Advisory Council San Francisco, California 2005 to present
Tapped by Mayor Gavin Newsom to create events promoting animation, special effects and videogame industries.
• Organized 2-day invitation-only conference for Mayor Newsom with key business leaders from the region and around the world.
• Produced receptions for Mayors of Toronto and Paris and the Ford Foundation.
• Completely oversaw planning & development from initial vision and concept through execution.
• Led grant process through city to secure funding.
• Represented City of San Francisco on international delegations to digital sister cities.

Producer “VH1 First Person”
MTV Networks Los Angeles, California 2003 to 2004
Created and produced groundbreaking After Effects based animated television pilot for VH1.
• Led team of animators and artists. Produced complex live action shoots. Delivered project on-time and on budget.
• Coordinated with executives at MTV in New York.

DFILM Software. Los Angeles, California and Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1999-2003
Led and boot-strapped this software company which created mobile and online messaging applications for the youth market. Was company’s key decision-maker and problem solver.
• Established and oversaw relationships with VC community. Secured first investment round from Disney.
• Negotiated successful licensing deals to Yahoo!, MTV Europe, Hyundai, IBM, Calvin Klein/Unilever, Snapple and others.
• Oversaw launch of flagship product on European IMODE mobile network overseeing teams in both Los Angeles and Amsterdam. Consistently ranked in top ten trafficked IMODE sites in The Netherlands.
• Led Board of Directors, built executive and management teams from scratch.

TV & Online Producer/Market Research Specialist 1999-present
OK Obrigato Consulting Los Angeles, California
Founded this niche boutique consulting and production agency to well-known Fortune 500 and startup companies.
Selected engagements:
Mobile Voter
• Co-founded startup that lets users register to vote in state and local elections from their mobile phones.
• 3 month campaign resulted in 110,000 registration requests.
• Wrote business plan and marketing strategy. Helped to close grants from Pew Charitable Trusts, the George Washington Graduate School of Political Management, Young Voter Strategies, and Working Assets.
Sony – Kinoma (Mobile Devices)
• Produced complicated commercial for Sony Walkman mobile video device.
• Shoot included flyaway camera rig and 30 actors on a moving bus.
Old Navy (Deutsch Ad Campaign)
• Product Managed team of 12 artists and engineers in developing web site for Old Navy Fall 04 Back-To-School for Deutsch.
• Packaged, pitched and sold concept and managed ongoing relationship with both Old Navy and Deutsch.
Major athletic shoe manufacturer
• Created marketing study on how surfers are using new kinds of technology to track waves on remote beaches in Baja California. NDA prohibits name mention.
General Motors – Producer/Director/Market Researcher
• Produced and directed market-research oriented film for General Motors – spent several months traveling across US talking to and profiling buying habits of upwardly mobile middle age car buyers.
• Pioneering marketing study used the power of film to let consumers speak directly to client in their own words, from their own kitchens and living rooms.
Flanders International Film Festival
• In 1999, moderated panel on future of film exhibition in Ghent, Belgium, which was satellite broadcast to 5 major European cities and exhibited with state of the art digital projection. Panel included film directors and executives from Sony, Barco, Texas Instruments and others.
• Traveled to Cuba for Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia to photodocument AfroCuban religions.

Founder and Director
Digital Film Festival/Low Res Film Festival San Francisco, California 1994-1999
Founded two pioneering digital filmmaking festivals that grew into two 30-city worldwide tours, with media coverage by CNN, NBC, Newsweek, Le Monde, Wall Street Journal and the NY Times.
• In 1994, created one of first websites allowing users to watch video clips online.
• Chosen by Wired Magazine as “one of 25 people reinventing entertainment”.
• Produced two 30 city sold-out tours including: event organization and logistics at each locale, local marketing and media promotion, digital projection setup for sold-out audiences of 2000+ at vintage theater sites.
• Invited by the Cannes Film Festival to organize its first-ever all digital film showcase in 1999.
• Demonstrated an end to end digital process from submission and assembly of films, transmission by satellite digitally and storage and projection digitally on-site at Cannes.

Producer/Product Manager
Rocket Science Games (closed doors 1996), San Francisco/Boston 1995-1996
Recruited to turn-around and oversee the production of “The Space Bar” for SegaSoft, a collaboration between legendary game designer Steve Meretzsky (“Zork” series, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”) and Hollywood art director Ron Cobb (“Star Wars”, “Alien”, “Aliens”).
• Oversaw teams in San Francisco and Boston to resolve internal conflicts, develop rapport and rebuild collaboration and unity.
• Reined in project costs that were seriously over-budget and behind schedule coaching key players to reduce expectations and deliverables.
• Hired outside programmers to do a complete code review. Used their evaluation to assess internal competencies and make appropriate reassignments and revise the schedule.
• Ensured delivery of final product under budget and on schedule.

Associate Producer
Digital Pictures (closed doors 1995), San Francisco, California 1994-1995
Responsibilities included production of “Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka” from storyboard through completion on three platforms (Sega Saturn, 3DO and PC). One of last seven employees remaining when company shut down.
• Processed video/audio, fine-tuned gameplay, and worked closely with engineering, QA and creative team through all stages of production to ensure all three platforms completed on time and on budget.

Special Assistant to Vice President, Legal
Paramount Pictures Corporation New York, New York 1992-1994
Hired as part of a member of a four-person team that reported to the VP of Legal executing of international film financing deals to increase the ROI of heretofore money losing films.
• Drafted legal documents, computer software licensing and consulting agreements
• Analyzed and researched laws in Germany, France and Canada to determine optimum strategies of engagement
• Researched and determined intellectual property rights of films dating back to 1910.

Assistant to Network Vice President, ABC News/ABC Multimedia
ABC News, New York, New York 1990-1992
After college was hired by VP to assist in day-to-day operation of News and Multimedia Departments.
• Researched and wrote reports, presented findings and made recommendations on various facets of internal media operations.
• Made recommendations resulting in the adoption of an improved archiving process that enabled the monetization of stock footage, creating a new revenue stream.
• Provided one on one personal briefings and corporate orientations to new executive hires reporting to this VP.
• Initiated contact with Silicon Valley high tech companies to research potential relationships and partnerships.


CONNECT Entrepreneurial Program
University of California, San Diego

Bachelor of Arts
San Diego State University, California


Telecommunications and Film department “Excellence In Broadcasting” award
General Manager, KCR Radio – Chosen as one of the top 4 college radios stations in US by MTV during my tenure


• “What is Digital Cinema?” M.I.T.
• “The Future of Filmmaking”, Stanford, School of Visual Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, UC San Diego, Norwegian Film Institute, Sao Paolo Museo de Arte, Cal Poly, International Technical University/San Juan Puerto Rico
• “Seminar – The Internet As A New Video Distribution Platform” Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen
• “The Future of Film Exhibition” and “The Electronic Cinema” Flanders International Film Festival, Ghent, Belgium
• “Media In Transition” ZKM Media Museum – Karlsruhe, Germany,
• ”Cannes Film Festival Digital Film Showcase” Cannes Film Festival
• “DFILM – Digital Cinema Presentation” Expoloding Cinema/Rotterdam Film Festival, DV Expo (1ST year), Los Angeles Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Wisconsin Film Festival,
• “In The Future, Everyone Will Be Famous For 15 Megabytes” Transmediale Berlin
• “Digital Silverlake. From Geoff McFettridge to The Beastie Boys – Digital Filmmaking on LA’s East Side” 2001 Silverlake Film Festival
• “Case Study: Satellite Broadcasting Films to the Cannes Film Festival” DV Expo – 2nd year
• “Digital Filmmaking Intensive” Learning Annex tour to Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York